Are you a genuine Ferrari enthusiast?
When you join an official Club, you’ll receive your personal Scuderia Ferrari Club welcome kit


When you sign up, you become a member of the extended Ferrari family and will receive our exclusive Welcome Kit; A must for all true tifosi

The 2021 Welcome Kit it’s still in production and it will release in the following weeks.

IMPORTANT 2020 WELCOME KIT UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that Italy was really impacted by the situation, the second stage of the Welcome Kit, it is still pending. We will keep you guys posted, and we apologized for the inconvenience.

The Welcome Kits content is under the absolute control of the Scuderia Ferrari Club in Italy and is subject to changes without prior notice as they might vary according to the availability of inventory throughout the year. Please click here for more Welcome 2020 Kit content details.(PDF) – The 2020Welcome Kit it’s no longer available for new members.

Scuderia Ferrari Club memberships are valid from April 1st all the way to March 31st of the following year.
Also, every year after renewing your membership for another year, you will receive another Welcome Kit on the mail, with a whole new set of Scuderia Ferrari goodies. All designed for you to create your own collection of annual Welcome Kits. Please click here to see others years Kit samples.

To find out how to become an OFFICIAL FAN CLUB, send an email to

2020 Welcome Kit Images (Not available for 2021 new Members)