How It Works

This is a great opportunity to challenge your knowledge and passion for Formula 1. Every year our SFCplay team will organize a parallel F1 Prediction championship which you can participate and follow throughout the whole season.

In order to play, you will need to be an active Scuderia Ferrari Club member, ether form our club, or any other official club chapter. So grab your SFC ID and complete this form.

Your Predictions:

When the championship is available, you must start the session as a registered user in order to access the page where you can make your predictions.  There, you could participate in any of the available races of that championship simultaneously by adding predictions for future races if you decide to, at any time, 24 hours a day.

At the top of the form, a countdown will be showing the time limit you have to make your final selection for that event, either for the pole position on the day of the classification, or for the race itself. Once that time expires, your prediction will be locked, keeping your final selection. Once the race is over, it will be removed from the drop-down options. At that time a new Countdown will be presented showing time available to make the predictions for the next event and so on, until the championship is over.

Once you have made your selection you must click on: «Add Prediction» to submit your play. It is important that you wait for the message that should appear on the top of the form marked in yellow that will say “Your prediction has been saved” before leaving the page. Please remember that you can always come back at any time to: “Update You Prediction” until the time available expires; In both cases, you will receive an email confirming your selection or updates.

It is imperative that if you wish to participate by predicting the “Pole Position”, you must do so before the classification session begins. In this case, remember that although you may not have entered your predictions for the race outcome, the SFCplay platform will require for you to complete all the fields. Remember that you can always come back to adjust your predictions for P1, P2 and P3, as well as for SC and/or if you think it could rain or not during the race after pole position has been locked. You will usually have up to 5 minutes before the pole or race begins to make your last minute changes to your predictions. Please be aware that our SFCplay platform will work with the local time of the server where this page is hosted: (USA) Pacific Time.


SFCplay will send you an automatic email (After the Pole position session) or about 12 hours before your selection is locked to remind you to make your final selection. This 12-hour period could change depending on the time available between the qualifying session (Pole) and the official start time of each race during the season due to unforseen circumstances such as rain delaying qualifying to the following day or if there is a red flag during a previous race before the championship race begins that delays the start time of the race you are predicting for.


For each race the accredited points will be calculated as follows:

25 points: For predicting the winner.

18 points: For predicting second position.

15 points: For predicting third position.

Additionally, depending on the availability in each competition, we will grant:

5 additional points for those who correctly predict the «Pole Position».

5 additional points for those who correctly predict «Fastest» the fastest lap during the race.

1 additional point for predicting number of DNFs

1 additional point for those who correctly predict “rain” during the race.

1 additional point for those who correctly predict “Safety Car” or “Virtual Safety Car” during the race.

This point structure is subject to change without notice. The changes, if any, would affect all participants simultaneously.

It should be noted that if you decided to keep unselected the rain and / or Safety Car boxes, that would implied that you are predicting that there will be no rain and there will be no Safety car. In which case, if on the actual race day, there was indeed no rain and there was no Safety Car, then you would be awarded 1 point for each one.

Some Technical Considerations:

This game does not intend to follow the FIA rules or the Formula 1 regulations since our game is a prediction game and not a racing car category.

Regarding rain: If the presence of rain is not obvious in the television broadcast or the rain is very light, it will be considered as “it rained during the race” if any of the drivers use wet tires at any time. Also, if on the day of the race there is rainy weather, but rain starts just after the checkered flag has already lowered, under these circumstances it will still be considered “No Rain” during the race.

Regarding the fastest lap: The fastest lap will be attributed to the driver that the Formula 1 stewards officially declare as the winner of this award in each race. Even if he doesn’t get points for being outside the top 10 finish, or even if he doesn’t finish the race himself. The fastest lap is just that, and will not require any other type of complement, however we will stick to the official result in case there is any anomaly.

Regarding the DNF: We will consider the DNF (Did Not Finish) that show the official results of the race. The DNS (Did Not Start) will not be counted, which are those drivers who did NOT start the race.

Regarding disqualifications: If any winning driver is disqualified in days after the race, we will wait for the official change on the page to make the change in our results, and points will be re-calculted.

IMPORTANT: To obtain the points in each event, the members must match the exact positions that correspond to the official results of that race for P1, P2 and P3. If your sellection includes the same drivers, but in a different order from the official results, no score will be obtained.


Although your predictions for each race will be visible only to you, they will be statistics of the general predictions for each race. For example: By selecting «Melbourne» in the «Projections for:» tab you will see something like this:

Predictions for Melbourne: – 41 Predictions
✖ 18 43.9%
✔ 23 56.1%
Safety Car
✖ 4 9.76%
✔ 37 90.24%
Pole Position
HAM 17 41.46%
LEC 6 14.63%
VET 6 14.63%
VER 1 2.44%
Fastest Lap
HAM 18 43.9%
LEC 8 19.51%
VET 6 14.63%
VER 4 9.76%
BOT 4 9.76%
HAM 32 78.05%
VET 7 17.07%
VER 1 2.44%
LEC 1 2.44%


  • If for any reason rain it’s not visible on the event broadcast, we will consider a race with “rain” if any of the drivers use a full wet or intermedian tire during the race. 
  • Each championship will have its own characteristics and / or attributes that you can predict, for example: In some championships you will be able to predict whether it will rain on race day and in others you can predict whether there will be Safety Car or not. These attributes for each competition will be at the discretion of the SFCplay team.
  • If you experience any problem with our SFCplay platform, please contact us via