A true Tifoso form far away!

Back in February 2020 right before the pandemic shut down the US, we received a membership registration from India under the name Tanmay Bharadwaj. At that moment he became the first and farthest member of our club all the way from India. 

Tanmay is a real True Ferrari fan and has attended a few races in Asia. He has been watching racing since the Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost days. His biggest dream is to get the chance to meet the drivers but also he wants to own a F1 car in the future to enjoy the sound of its engine and maybe spend some time creating victory donuts on his driveway. 

He is totally fascinated about F1 cars and their technology, but went he is not following races he is maybe watching cricket, tennis or football (Soccer), or maybe he is traveling or listening to good music.

We send him the best wishes on his 49th birthday in October this year. #liveyourferraripassion #happybirthday #SFC #scuderiaferrari

Happy Birthday Tanmay!

And Always, Forza Ferrari

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